'Round here we serve beer, not purpose.

Damn I’m happy for 360. Watching all the crazy love and ecstatic receptions he’s getting is brilliant.

I remember when I first met him, in early 2009. He was just some lanky dude standing behind Pez at the stage door, waiting for him to finish up with the fans.

I am so proud that I can say I was the very first person to ever bring his album to a show for him to sign. And I always will be. I’m talking ‘What You See Is What You Get’ days.

He’s actually helped me through some rough patches. I don’t mean his music, I mean him personally. Taking the time out to talk to me and, more importantly, to listen to me.

We’ve had good chats where he’s actually recommended books for me to read.
Facebooked me from backstage at one of his gigs after I brought him a big pack of Grape Fanta that security took off me.
Poses the exact same way at every show because he remembers that I’m always there. (Although it’s still well creepy that he smelled my hair)

He’s an awesome dude, he deserves every happiness in the world and I’m glad he’s finally getting it!

That’s my little fangirl feelings. I’ll always be his biggest fan.

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